International Star for Leadership in Quality – Platinum Award

International Quality Convention – International Star for Leadership in Quality – Paris 2014
Presentation of Awards to companies from 49 countries around the world for achievements in Quality and Excellence.
Interconstruct 93 received the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in the Platinum Category
Recognized for Commitment to Quality, Leadership, Technology and Innovation, Interconstruct 93 represents success for Romania in the business world.
IMARPRESS who covered the prestigious BID Convention in Paris (20/07/2014) highlighted as follows Interconstruct 93 activity:
“Interconstruct 93 strives to excel in quality each day, creating a competitive advantage in its industry. For this reason, Interconstruct 93 won the 2014 BlD International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in Paris.
The Award is presented by BID to those companies and organizations from around the world that best adhere to excellence and innovation in their practices, putting quality first at all levels of organization.
Leaders awarded by BID are united by their commitment to quality in their respective sectors.
The companies honored in Paris were recognized not only for their entrepreneurial achievements, but also for their dedication to continuous improvement and innovation, key concepts of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model.
Seeking to increase customer satisfaction and optimize efficiency, the model promotes an organizational culture of engagement and a proactive approach to improving processes.
All of the winning companies in Paris have expressed their commitment to the QC100 TQM Model, which serves as an excellent example for other organizations in today’s rapidly changing business environment. By making customer satisfaction the highest measure of quality, BID award winners set the benchmark in their respective sectors and contribute to the social and economic development of their countries, paving the way for world-changing initiatives.
A key example can be seen through Interconstruct 93, whose spirit of innovation and positive growth has overcome and indeed thrived in the challenging current global economic climate.”